Benefit From Our Additional Services

Climate Change

Addressing climate change is a crucial part of the work of Sustainable Hamilton Burlington. From driving reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to the unpredictable effects of severe weather, to understanding the opportunities presented by new green products and services,  we’re helping our members to ensure they remain resilient in the face of climate change.  One of our projects in 2016 will be to embark on the development of a Climate Change Toolkit.

What Is Your Sustainability S-Core?

S-CORE is an innovative, well-proven sustainability assessment offered by Sustainable Hamilton Burlington as an additional service for our members or other organizations.  S-CORE is licensed through the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) and delivered by Sandi Stride, a trained assessor.

S-CORE serves as an excellent educational and communication tool, focused on all key functional areas of an organization — including accounting, marketing, facilities management and more.  Conducted in an interactive workshop comprised of representatives from all functional areas, it  examines everyday business practices within each area and rates each according to its level of adoption of sustainable practices.  Results are compared against a benchmark average of results from assessments conducted in other organizations across North America. The resulting report highlights areas of strength, gaps that offer opportunity for improvement, and a high-level implementation plan. Contact us for more information or a quote.

Get Staff On-Board With On-Site Lunch ‘N Learn Seminars

One of the biggest challenges for companies or organizations on their sustainability journey is engaging employees at all levels of the organization.  The most sustainable organizations today have succeeded in building a culture that embraces sustainable thinking.  But getting the message out in a meaningful way throughout the organization can be a challenge.

Sustainable Hamilton Burlington has created customized Lunch ‘n Learn seminars that we bring to your workplace.  We also create workshops for anyone from senior management to front-line workers. These can be sessions to introduce your people to sustainability and the business benefits, or strategic discussions to help you articulate your sustainability vision and plan.  Please call or email for more information or a quote.