Centre for Climate Change Management at Mohawk College
www.mohawkcollege.ca )
Climate change educational services.

A pen made up of recyclable material that turns into a plant on disposal.

Eco-Pen is an emerging startup grounded on the principles of sustainability and devoted to environmental stewardship.

The first product which is now in the prototyping stage is called Eco-Pen. It is a bold innovation that introduces organic materials into the production of writing pens for the world market. And there’s more: plant seeds have been embedded in each pen. When the ink’s run out, one can simply plant the pen in the earth and it grows into a plant!

Eco-Pen is a creative response to the growing problem of plastics pollution. Each second, approximately 47 disposable plastic pens are sold worldwide. In time, most end up as permanent refuse in landfills and oceans. In addition, the energy intensive process of manufacturing the plastic used in conventional pens produces high levels of greenhouse gas emissions, a key contributor to global warming. Eco-Pen seeks to tackle these challenges by employing best practices in the field of sustainability.

Enviro-Stewards Inc.
www.enviro-stewards.com )
Sustainability consulting (energy efficiency, water efficiency, food loss prevention).

LoAllay, Inc.
Office and Administration Support for Startups and Entrepreneurs (Includes information from Ipsum Vision as well)

REfficient (Sustainable Business Expo Sponsor)
www.refficient.com )
REfficient is a marketplace allowing companies and individuals to buy quality commercial and industrial products and materials at significant discounts.

Renteknik Group Inc.
www.renteknikgroup.com )
Energy Insight  and Probiotic Cleaning.

Energy Insight – Our Energy Insight monitoring technology Panoramic®, combined with our online and mobile platform PowerRadar®, delivers actionable intelligence from device to estate level to provide a single end-to-end view of your energy strategy. / Probiotic Cleaning – “Performance-Based Probiotic Cleaning of Heat Exchangers utilizing real-time measurement and monitoring of Key Performance parameters , Supply and Return Temperatures, Energy Consumption, Refrigerant and Secondary media flows, Air Flow, and more.

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2017-12-05 BioScrub Flyer

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Smart Recycle Consulting
smartrecycle.ca )
Waste auditing, program education.

Sustainable Hamilton Burlington
www.sustainablehamiltonburlington.ca )
Sustainable Hamilton Burlington (SHB) is a non-profit social enterprise  dedicated to inspiring sustainability leadership in Hamilton and Burlington business organizations for a healthier environment and thriving, prosperous communities.

TekPak Solutions
www.TekPakSolutions.com )
Omnidegradable Plastic Packaging Biodegrades in Oceans, Landfills and Home/Backyard Composts quickly, safely and lab proven.

AOS Group
Sustainable office products

Burlington Hydro
www.burlingtonhydro.com )
Promoting Conservation Programs.

Combined Power Generation Company, Inc
( website coming soon! )
New Combined Power Generation unit details, in the renewable energy space.

GS Lighting Group
www.gslightinggroup.ca )
LED Lighting and Controls.

Hamilton Public Library
www.hpl.ca )
Pop up library

Humble Bee
www.humblebee.buzz )
We will be providing an opportunity for businesses to reach their sustainability goals by using their rooftops and property as a space for honey bees to thrive.

Rodan Energy Solutions Inc.
www.rodanenergy.com )
Rodan Energy Intelligence Suite that enables large energy users to reduce their total energy spent.

Smart Recycle Consulting
smartrecycle.ca )
Waste auditing, program education.

Star Company
Cloud Bookkeeping and Payroll Services