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Small and medium business owners in Ontario have a window of opportunity to receive federal funding to improve the sustainability of operations and their bottom lines.

Hamilton, Ontario – The Government of Canada’s newly launched Climate Action Incentive Fund: Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises Project stream, covers new sustainability projects undertaken by businesses with fewer than 500 employees. Eligible projects range from retrofitting a fleet of trucks to use biodiesel, to purchasing energy-efficient industrial equipment upgrades, to adding solar and insulation to an office building. $72.4 million is earmarked for Ontario. There will be four rounds of funding of $18m each.

Applications for the first round of $18m of funding are open until October 15, 2019, or until funding is exhausted.

Eligible projects include:
• Switches to low emitting fuels in buildings, agriculture, industry, and transportation
• Building and vehicle retrofits that save energy by improving efficiency or reducing waste
• Improvements to the energy efficiency of industrial and agricultural processes
• Low emission fuel production or renewable energy production for own use

“The most successful companies in the world are already embracing these skills and technologies,” notes Rafiq Dhanji, Sustainable Business Initiative (SBI) Program Manager at Sustainable Hamilton Burlington, “multiple studies show companies with strong sustainability programs outperform those without. These incentives are going to make it possible for more local small and medium sized enterprises to benefit from the cost savings, increased efficiency, culture of innovation, rise in employee morale and stronger brand loyalty that sustainable businesses can enjoy.”

The Climate Action Incentive Fund will provide $20,000 – $250,000 to offset up to 25% of the cost of qualifying projects in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and New Brunswick. This first-come, first-served opportunity gives owners of small- and medium-sized businesses a unique chance to get paid to save money for their businesses while doing the right thing for our environment.

“Sustainable business techniques have proven successful time and again” Dhanji explains, “the key now is to get them into the hands of as many Canadian business owners as possible. This funding will help businesses to implement efficiencies and realise their return on investment sooner. Given the historical trend of rising oil and energy prices, this is a smart investment every business should jump on!”

For more information on the Climate Action Incentive Fund or to learn more about sustainable business practices, contact Rafiq Dhanji, SBI Program Manager at Sustainable Hamilton Burlington at 905-570-8899 or by email at

Sustainable Hamilton Burlington is one of seven non-profit Green Economy Hubs across Ontario that support businesses with reducing their greenhouse gas emissions while becoming more economically competitive. Hubs provide tools, guidance, and a network of businesses to learn from so that any organization can take action on climate change and seize the business benefits of going green.