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Sandi Stride (Sustainable Hamilton Burlington) Introduces the BEEP

October 25th, 2017




Hamilton – On October 25th the Sustainable Hamilton Burlington and City of Hamilton are pleased to announce the release of the City of Hamilton Business Energy and Emissions Profile (BEEP). The BEEP is an online data visualization tool that models  energy consumption and greenhouse gas  emissions generated by businesses in the City of Hamilton. Commissioned by Sustainable Hamilton Burlington and the City of Hamilton, and created by ClimateSmart of B.C., the insights provided by the BEEP will engage businesses and organizations in taking action on climate change, improving business profitability through energy and fuel savings and preparing to thrive in the new low carbon economy .

Trevor Imhoff (City of Hamilton) Shows the Functionality of the Dashboard

A comprehensive but intuitive tool, the heart of the BEEP is a website based “dashboard” ( that offers sophisticated data visualizations including charts, graphs and an interactive map of the city that allows users to analyze emissions arising from businesses filtered by size, sector, activity or location. Integral to the project is a comprehensive 47 page report available from the project website that provides guidance on using the tool, summarizes the findings and provides sector-specific overviews of the types of initiatives undertaken by businesses and their motivations, as well as case studies.  These industry overviews will serve as benchmarks against which Hamilton businesses can compare their own performance.

“We’re excited about the potential offered by the BEEP to engage more of our businesses in a conversation about taking action on climate change,” said Sandi Stride, President and Founder of Sustainable Hamilton Burlington. “It will help businesses to better appreciate the magnitude of greenhouse gas emissions created by their sector, and work with our Sustainable Business Initiative to measure, track and improve their own performance against these benchmarks.  Businesses that take action now can achieve cost savings from greater efficiencies and enjoy revenue growth from innovation. They will be the winners in the new low carbon economy.”

“The BEEP program helps to inform our local businesses about their energy and greenhouse gas emissions and is part of the broader Community Climate Action Plan to help ensure the community reaches its GHG emission targets” said Brian Montgomery with the City of Hamilton.  “ It aims to help create economic prosperity and growth by businesses in Hamilton while transitioning to a low carbon economy locally.

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