Beginning in 2017, the Art Gallery planned to convert to LED lighting in the public and offices spaces. This conversion will take place in 2018 with plans to prioritize wet waste and water reduction. A portion of the 2018 exhibitions will focus on environmental issues such as our relationship with water, stories of water (Water Works) and bring attention to the environmental issues of industrial sites in the world through abstract images that document them (Witness-Edward Burtynsky).  Our school group tours and some of our community children’s art classes are focused on “exploring the environment.” Each year the Gallery celebrates with a Free Family Picnic that offers education and interactivity to families not just about art, but about nature and the environment.

SBI Update

In 2017, the Art Gallery of Hamilton joined the SBI. The Gallery is starting with a GHG reduction target at the Bronze level and will progress to the Gold level in the future. Staff have volunteered for the “green team” initiative that is slated to roll out in 2018. The Operations Manager has identified sources of data for establishing a GHG baseline. Building automation and lighting will be an integral source of emissions reductions.

(all description taken from the 2017-2018 Annual Business Report)