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ARYZTA in 2017 was pleased to announce the agreement of a large scale battery project to combat the challenge of rapidly rising electricity costs in North America. This is a partnership with a supplier that focuses on utilizing a CO2 free peak shaving technology without interruption to the bakery operation. This solution is behind the meter electricity storage that charges energy at off peak hours and discharges the electricity during the afternoon to decrease heavy peak time costs and help reduce the total market demand in the province. ARYZTA is very excited and hopeful to be implementing a solution that combats the rise in electricity costs as well as helping the province decrease demand on its capacity for electricity generation.

SBI Update

ARYZTA has set a baseline for year 2016 and intends to set an intensity-based target. Short term projects including replacing old T-8s with LEDs at their end of life. ARYZTA is looking for energy reductions both in the office and in the plant. In the office, they are using behavior and process changes to reduce energy consumption, like making changes to thermostats and encouraging employees to turn off computers at night. In the plant, employees are using an internal checklist to find areas of improvement for energy, water and waste.

(all description taken from the 2017-2018 Annual Business Report)

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