Burlington’s Strategic Plan includes carbon neutral targets for city operations and community wide. There are two plans to provide guidance to improve the energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions: The Community Energy Plan and the Corporate Energy Management Plan. The City has also entered into a climate change partnership with the City of Hamilton and Mohawk College to reduce the Bay Area community carbon footprint. City staff are currently updating the Official Plan and Cycling Plan; the next priority will be to update the Transportation Plan. These plans will include climate friendly policies that support mixed use and transit friendly development, as well as active transportation measures, among other policies. In addition, the City has an Anti-idling by-law and campaigns to reduce unnecessary idling.

The City has a number of environmental sustainability policies/strategies to support greening its operations, including energy management, zero waste, restrictions on the sale of bottled water, green buildings, green procurement, and a green fleet strategy. They are also participating in the EU’s International Urban Cooperation program in partnership with the City of Växjö, Sweden to work on sustainability projects and share knowledge on sustainability issues.

Contributing to economic sustainability, the Burlington Economic Development Corporation has opened a new facility called TechPlace, an innovation centre dedicated to developing, advancing and connecting technology companies.

SBI Update

In 2017, the City of Burlington began reporting through SBI on their GHG emissions. The City is already tracking energy and water consumption for city facilities and fleet using AssetPlanner, and these sources will constitute the carbon baseline to be completed in 2018.

(all description taken from the 2017-2018 Annual Business Report)

City of Hamilton is a member of the Sustainable Business Initiative, Sustainable Hamilton BurlingtonNoah Digital is a member of the Sustainable Business Initiative, Sustainable Hamilton Burlington