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Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) started new recycling initiatives in 2017 including recycling programs focused on Blueware, Operating Room, Shipping Trays and Nutrition Services. Together these increased waste diversion by 15 additional tonnes per month. HHS has also been involved in energy conservation projects targeting LED lighting retrofits (973,370 kWh reduction) and high performance air filter projects (1,085,258 kWh reduction) as well as operating co-generation facilities at MUMC, HGH and JH Since 2006. Recently, HHS has been the recipient of various awards such as Horizon Utilities Energy Champion (2015), HealthAchieve Energy Efficiency Award & Waste Management Awards (2015). OHA Green Hospital Scorecard Bronze Winner (2013-16); Smart Commute Employer of the Year (2016); and Ron Joyce Health Centre – LEED®  Gold (2016).

SBI Update

Since onboarding with SHB in September of 2017, some Environmental Sustainability Leads at HHS have been trained in Verisae, we have conducted a materiality assessment, are finalizing our annual report, and have benefited from a number of events and workshops. Looking forward into 2018, HHS is gearing up our communications and engagement plan about our corporate environmental sustainability efforts as well as enhancing our existing Online Learning Management System modules to include more robust education. With the continued support of SHB, we plan to widen the breadth of corporate sustainability knowledge here at HHS, and begin to include leaders and front line staff into the SHB education events.

(all description taken from the 2017-2018 Annual Business Report)

Art Gallery of Hamilton is a member of the Sustainable Business Initiative, Sustainable Hamilton BurlingtonCity of Hamilton is a member of the Sustainable Business Initiative, Sustainable Hamilton Burlington