SBI Update

Internally, Langton ClimateCare has committed to efficiency and reduced carbon emissions through improvements in fleet vehicle fuel management, which will include switching to smaller service vehicles and possibly hybrid electric models. Innovative practices in office management and fostering a company culture committed to environmental sustainability will also be implemented in the immediate future.

Langton is excited to be part of the Sustainable Hamilton Burlington organization and looks forward to a long and productive relationship!


Langton ClimateCare/Langton Mechanical is proud to be the first HVAC/Mechanical Contractor to support and participate in Sustainable Hamilton Burlington.

Langton values this relationship for the opportunities it will bring to learn, improve and implement positive advancements that will be coming within the HVACR industry as part of region’s (and Canada’s) transition to a low-carbon economy.

The HVACR industry can play a vital role in affecting the way energy is consumed in buildings. Our industry has the technologies and the know-how to help reduce consumption through investments in energy efficiency and low-carbon technologies. The Langton ClimateCare team is focused on the promotion, selling and installation of products of that will assist customers in saving energy and money, while reducing their carbon footprint. We are constantly looking for ways to advance our business through training, education and networking opportunities.