Over the past year Lura has implemented many environmental, social and economic/governance initiatives. We have begun actively tracking our energy and water consumption, and waste production. We diligently divert waste to recycling and compost. We discourage printing and unnecessary paper use. In 2018, we installed new windows and blinds which will reduce energy consumption. We have also installed under-door insulation to prevent heat loss. Furthermore, we have decided to supply coffee and tea in the office, to reduce the need for employees to purchase one-use take out cups. Lura has begun a retirement savings program for employees (RRSP) with a level of matching. Finally, we support employees who wish to work virtually, and often schedule virtual client meetings.

SBI Update

In 2017, Lura completed a B Impact Assessment, which reported on 2016 activities. Through this process we defined our baseline for quantifiable target setting and identified areas for improvement. For example, moving forward we will be calculating our greenhouse gas emissions and pinpointing opportunities for reduction. Further research will be undertaken to determine the feasibility of potential improvements including: developing a process to determine the social and environmental impacts of significant suppliers; creating a volunteer service policy; switching to low VOC ink and unbleached paper; and considering ways to publicly report our environmental and social goals, and subsequent progress.

(all description taken from the 2017-2018 Annual Business Report)

McMaster Innovation Park is a member of the Sustainable Business Initiative, Sustainable Hamilton BurlingtonThe Cotton Factory is a member of the Sustainable Business Initiative, Sustainable Hamilton Burlington