2017 has been a very interesting year for mcCallumSather. As we watch a groundbreaking Net Zero Project (the Joyce Centre for Partnership + Innovation) come to completion, we’ve begun to shift our focus heavily to Westinghouse. mcCallumSather’s new office will be one floor of the old Westinghouse building, and we are planning to continue paving a path of environ-mental stewardship with this project.

The building not only is a Historical Hamilton site, but the Carbon footprint of renovating vs building new is significantly less. We will be targeting LEED platinum on our floor, are implementing renewable and green energy, and are reviewing the potential to apply for net zero carbon for the entire building! With the change of offices, all staff will be working from laptops which significantly reduces energy loads and also allows for the flexibility to get out of the office and work in a nearby café or from home.
Our office re-design has been inspired by ‘the office of the future’ framework and will have designated task related work areas as well as floating seating allowing for flexibility in the working environment.

SBI Update

mcCallumSather is currently developing our Green Team. We have one staff member who is trained in the Verisae Carbon Accounting Tool and are looking to train our second. We have had several staff members out to events and focus groups for the Climate Action Toolkit. In the upcoming months we will be establishing our carbon baseline.

(all description taken from the 2017-2018 Annual Business Report)

John C Munro Hamilton International Airport is a member of the Sustainable Business Initiative, Sustainable Hamilton BurlingtonMidfield is a member of the Sustainable Business Initiative, Sustainable Hamilton Burlington