SBI Update

Nerva Energy is a new member to the SBI as of July 2019.  Through internal discussions and information received during our onboarding, we have decided to set a long-term goal to achieve B-Corp certification.  The initial steps this year will be to complete our B-Lab assessment, publish our score, and identify key areas to implement improvements in our policies, practices and processes.

In addition, Nerva is currently renovating their leased office/warehouse space with our in-house technologies for high performance buildings, in order to improve our facilities energy efficiency as well as act as a living laboratory and demonstration space.


Nerva Energy founded in 2017, is a specialty contractor & solutions consultant located in Stoney Creek, Ontario, focused on providing our clients with world-class building optimization solutions and IoT technologies to mitigate rising energy and operational costs.

Nerva’s smart building optimization platform and suite of technologies work in unison to conserve energy consumption in commercial buildings by up to 50%, allowing operators to retain more revenue through energy savings, while directly contributing to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved tenant comfort.   We leverage niche expertise with leading IoT technologies to ensure buildings function more intuitively and efficiently, creating energy earning opportunities and fostering a positive impact on occupancy, quality of life and the environment overall.