Noah Digital Inc. is Canada’s #1 multilingual digital marketing team located in the GTA, helping businesses of all sizes to multiply their sales by leveraging the power of online digital channels. Our motto is Our Effort, Your Success!

From digital marketing strategy to execution, we have got you covered. As a results-driven agency, we monitor, measure, analyze and optimize your campaign performance on a daily basis to deliver optimal results.

At Noah, we firmly believe in the real value of the triple bottom line, people-planet-profit. Moreover, Noah embodies a diverse group of talents from different cultural and racial backgrounds to ensure all perspectives are discovered and implemented. In 2017, we hired four new employees, and we are on track to double our employee number by the end of 2018. All of our employees enjoy employment benefits, such as extended health care (with mental health in mind), education supports, and flexible working hours (including working-from-home days and unlimited sick days).

Noah Digital Inc. joined SHB in March 2018. This relationship allows Noah to guide its future business operations with sustainability in mind. Less than two years old, Noah Digital Inc. is one of the sustainable leaders in the Canadian digital marketing industry. We work closely with many local organizations and startups to improve their performances.

SBI Update

Noah is currently working on the B-Lab Impact Assessment to identify the company baseline to be certified as B-Corp soon. This year, Noah has also planned to create low cost, or even pro bono, digital marketing projects for non-profits and charities. It allows charitable organizations to take advantage of the digital marketing space.

(all description taken from the 2017-2018 Annual Business Report)