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Through continued efforts to help companies reduce-reuse-recycle, REfficient helped divert 633,303lbs of technology through reuse and recycling in 2017, a 14% increase over 2016. We did a review of our carbon output tracking and set a new baseline of CO2e. We converted all carbon reporting to our customers to this new format of CO2e and educated them on the importance of using internationally recognized metrics.

A recycling centre was launched in the warehouse which separates plastics, cardboards, paper, cans, batteries, coffee pods and printer cartridges for recycling. Staff also set up a program to track the quantity of cardboard boxes that were reused for shipping. An average of 68lbs/month of boxes were reused for other shipments and avoided the need for new boxes to be sourced. The REfficient team volunteered for Hamilton Victory Gardens and made donations to three charitable organizations.

SBI Update

In 2017, REfficient’s priority was on ensuring our carbon emissions reporting was accurate, so we worked with SHB to review and update our numbers for Verisae. Therefore, our 2016 data has become our new baseline: 6835 tonnes annually or 1243 tonnes/employee. In 2017, we produced 1132 tonnes of CO2e or 206 tonnes/employee, which meant we far surpassed our goal. However, this was largely due to an increase in our domestic sales this year due to market conditions and also new marketing efforts. There were also fewer shipments overall (182 shipments in 2017 versus 218 in 2016).

(all description taken from the 2017-2018 Annual Business Report)

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