SBI Update

Star Company is looking to increase our sustainability in 2019-2020 by creating alliances with like-minded sustainable vendors and clients, by completing our bCorp assessment; by developing home office waste and resource usage guidelines for our virtual team; and by developing our communication assets for clients and vendors about our vision and approach. And of course we will continue to explore how cloud accounting can help our clients make the most efficient use of human and physical resources.


At Star Company, we believe in the power of business to change the world for the better; to create opportunities for individuals to grow and flourish; to build strong, prosperous communities; and to protect and preserve the earth. Star Company’s role in this vision is to support our clients in creating high performing, impactful and sustainable businesses and organizations. Our bookkeeping services and workflows are designed to create efficiency, transparency, and financial insight, so that clients have a powerful overview of their organization performance and potential. We use cloud technology to support our sustainability efforts; a virtual office, video conferencing, and cloud applications all help eliminate commute times, reduce waste and allow for an efficient flow of financial information.

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