Company CEO Robert Pocius is very involved in public education about the environmental impacts of packaging and alternatives. In 2017, he spoke at the Innovation Forum in London, UK to a group of about 50 multinationals and NGOs on plastic contamination in the oceans. His crusade is to reduce public misinformation about biodegradable products, and educate on how Omnidegradable packaging can break down into food for microbes wherever it ends up, including landfills.

The TekPak solution has caught the eye of some of the largest food and beverage companies. In 2017 they rolled out an omnidegradable K Cup, and Nespresso cups are under development.

The company reduced transportation emissions in 2017 by setting up a distributor in the UK for the European market. They are also working to obtain their own plant and production facility to take advantage of new, very environmentally friendly equipment that will change the industry.

In an effort to create a more circular supply chain, TekPak Solutions has been investing in research to develop paper packaging made with inputs from food waste such as wheat and sugar waste instead of timber-based polyethalyene. TekPak Solutions has also started working with researchers to study how to turn carbon into packaging.

SBI Update

In 2017 TekPak Solutions embarked on the B Lab Impact Assessment and intend to complete their baseline score in summer 2018. TekPak Solutions is growing and eager for the newly hired Office Assistant to get acquainted with the Impact Assessment so that they may also contribute to it and have more employees engaged in the company’s sustainability efforts.

(all description taken from the 2017-2018 Annual Business Report)

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