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Corporate sustainability goals for Walker Industries included focusing on sustainable energy management and conducting a Climate Change Risk Assessment for all companies. Specifically for Walker Emulsions in Burlington, goals were set to reduce production waste, to review water consumption in production processes, and to increase community involvement through employee volunteering. Work continued within the research and development group to improve products and processes and to review alternative, less harmful raw materials for use in current and future formulations. On the volunteering front, employees from all three Walker Emulsions locations converged at our Orangeburg, South Carolina plant to help with a Habitat for Humanity build. Other employee volunteering efforts included local spring-cleaning in our forest and parks, working with the Good Shepherd Centre, and a fundraising event for Hospice Niagara. The real buzz at Walker Emulsions this past year resulted from a growing interest in apiculture with their expanded pollinator garden and the addition of more hives in the wooded area adjacent to their facility. No plans for a beeswax emulsion…yet!

SBI Update

In 2017, Walker Emulsions set a 10 year target for GHG reductions of 20% by 2024. Using 2014 as a baseline for this target. Work began with our newly hired embedded energy manager to identify areas for energy reduction and best practices for energy use. A substantial portion of the energy spend is consumed by heating large bulk liquid storage tanks throughout the year. A project is underway that involves baselining and creating best practices for managing the heating of these tanks. Other ongoing initiatives include evaluating the energy efficiencies of various equipment for consideration of future replacement.

(all description taken from the 2017-2018 Annual Business Report)

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