The SHB Advantage

We are business leaders, professionals and volunteers who believe that sustainability is good for business and that sustainable business is good for communities. Our practical services empower forward-looking business leaders to create a better, more sustainable future for their business, employees & community.

We offer the leading practical approach for businesses that want to create a more sustainable future for their business, employees, and community. Business leaders who want to see a positive change throughout their organization can make real, tangible change through our programs built on the principles of Collaborative Learning, Measurable Action, and Credible Recognition.

Unlike many other sustainability options, our programs empower businesses with a cost-effective, practical, collaborative and community-based approach.

Find out more about our programs below, or contact us to arrange a personal meeting and learn more about how we can help you!

Sustainable Business Initiative

The Sustainable Business Initiative (SBI) is a multi-level program designed to support and guide businesses and organizations on their journey to greater sustainability. Based on the principle that “what gets measured, gets managed,” the SBI assists with measurement, planning, target-setting, and reporting on progress of key sustainability metrics. Reducing carbon/ greenhouse gas (GHG ) emissions through measurement and voluntary target-setting is a key goal of the SBI.

Collaborative Experiential Learning

Sustainable Hamilton Burlington has operated the Collaborative Experiential Learning Program (CEL Program – formerly called “SHEL”) for the past four years in collaboration with McMaster University and more recently, with Mohawk College. The program connects businesses in the Hamilton-Burlington region with students at McMaster University and Mohawk College to solve issues related to sustainability within their business. The student teams undertake faculty-supervised projects with businesses as part of their course requirements at no charge to the business client. Past projects have covered a variety of subjects including energy and waste audits, examination of water reduction and reclamation programs, a textiles recycling program, sustainable design of a medical clinic and more. If you need research, data analysis or help with other sustainability-related solutions please contact us.

We are actively working on expanding our menu of programs. We will soon be introducing new options to help businesses who want to focus on climate change. If you have a sustainability related problem or inquiry that these programs don’t address, please let us know: we may be working on a solution to your problem, or we may be able to put you in touch with someone who is!