How Do We Help?

The Sustainable Business Initiative

The Sustainable Business Initiative program (SBI) is a multi-level strategy, designed to support and guide businesses and organizations on their journey to greater sustainability. Based on the principle that “what gets measured, gets managed,” the SBI assists with measurement, planning, target-setting and reporting on the progress of key sustainability metrics. Reducing carbon/ greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through measurement and voluntary target-setting is a key goal of the SBI. Not only will this help achieve Hamilton and Burlington GHG reduction targets, but is necessary to inspire and report on true sustainability performance improvement.

Recognizing that each organization has its own unique sustainability challenges and goals, the SBI offers three different approaches or streams, each broken down into a series of milestones. Each SBI member benefits from:

  •  tools and resources; SBI member support specialists provide assistance as-needed at every step
    along the way as you plan and implement your sustainability plan,
  • free attendance at all networking/learning events and workshops (approximately 8 per year.)
  • credible, 3rd-party recognition for measurable progress including an annual Evening of Recognition, Sustainability Awards, Annual Sustainable Business Report, on the SHB website and in social media.

SBI Approaches or Streams


Each stream described above consists of 5 Milestones to deliver measurable positive change.


M1: Learn about our framework and tools: form Sustainability Team.
M2: Engage stakeholders, identify high priority sustainability issues, collect baseline data
M3: Set sustainability/carbon reduction targets.
M4: Create Sustainability and/or Carbon Action Plan.
M5: Track progress, submit your report, revisit and revise.

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