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At the end of the summer I had the privilege of shadowing the talented Cassidy McAuliffe (from Green Economy North, one of our sister organizations in Sustainability CoLab) while she shot two video case studies of Sustainable Hamilton Burlington (SHB) members. If you haven’t already seen our videos celebrating REfficient and the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) on the front page, you can also see them on our brand new Youtube channel!

One of the things that I was struck by in these stories is that, despite being two very different organizations (as the videos show, the RBG has 99 employees while REfficient has only 5!) both of them spoke about their relationship with SHB in a similar way. In both cases, they spoke about being concerned with sustainability and aware of the need to be acting on it. At the same time, both spoke about looking to SHB to help them take their sustainability knowledge “to the next level” – to fill in missing knowledge and to help contextualize business sustainability within frameworks like the Global Reporting Initiative. I’m proud that we’re able to offer that assistance to our wide range of members, including members as different as these two.

Are you in similar place? You know the value of sustainability, and you’re ready to move your business in that direction, but you’re looking for support for that process? Perhaps sustainability is already a core part of your business philosophy, as it was with REfficient, and you’re looking for the formal structure of something like the Global Reporting Initiative based framework SHB uses? Or perhaps you’re now seeing how sustainability relates to your existing environmental and social programs, and you want to formalize it as part of your organizational culture, as happened with Royal Botanical Gardens? In either case, give us a call or send us an email – we’d love to work with you. Sustainability is a palette with a lot of different colours to it – let us help fill in the ones you might be missing.

  • by Alex Johnston
Screen shot from "Not Business As Usual" Documentary, Sustainable Hamilton Burlington websiteDowned Treebranch from Hamilton Spectator (see caption), Sustainable Hamilton Burlington website